General terms and conditions of bamefa GmbH

Please notice: This is only a translation that is intended to help. The German version is binding.

  1. Validity of Conditions
    The following terms and conditions apply to all contracts with customers. Deviations or specific terms and conditions shall only be effective if the bamefa GmbH confirmed in writing. Different terms and conditions of our party are expressly rejected.
  2. Offer and contract conclusion
    Our offers are non-binding. Unless otherwise stated, we are 30 calendar days from our services. Mistakes, errors and prior sale. Any ancillary be in writing. A contract is a written order confirming the bamefa GmbH..
  3. Prices
    Shall be those listed in our order confirmation, plus statutory VAT. This price is available without discounts or other rebates seat of bamefa GmbH price increases after the contract, which are available on the fluctuations in exchange rates, wage and material price increases are based, the amount of 5%, are passed to the buyer.
  4. Payment
    The purchase price, the price of benefits and costs are incurred in the delivery of the purchased item to the payment due in cash, unless another payment is agreed. There is no obligation to accept checks or bills for payment. The bamefa reserves for all goods and services expressly reserve the right to goods only against cash in advance, cash on delivery or cash for pickup release, even if they are otherwise closed contracts. Bamefa The Company reserves the right to remove a defaulting purchaser from further supplies. A payment is considered made when the amount of the accounts of the bamefa GmbH was finally credited. If the buyer fails to meet its payment obligations, his payments or a bank's check is dishonored, the bamefa GmbH directly to cancel the contract without specific, prior notice is justified.
  5. Decrease
    The buyer has a duty to examine within 8 days of receipt of the notification of availability to purchase at the agreed delivery and take off. Unless otherwise agreed, the seat of bamefa GmbH is a place of acceptance. If the buyer longer with the decrease of the purchased item than 8 days from receipt of the notification of availability or sending in arrears, then the bamefa GmbH by written notice to cancel the contract or demand damages for non-performance. If the bamefa GmbH to a claim for damages, especially for non-acceptance of the goods, cancellation or withdrawal, shall amount to 25% of the purchase price. The damage amount is higher or lower if the bamefa GmbH higher or the buyer prove minor damage.
  6. Deliveries
    Delivery dates and times are non-binding. The delivery is only at the request of the Buyer and the Buyer. Delivery is not free by parcel service, freight or private vehicle. Costs and responsibility for delivery to the buyer. For consigned goods at the expense of the buyer, shipping insurance will complete. The risk of transport with the buyer for partial deliveries or in case of returns. With the mission to send the seller has fulfilled his delivery obligations. When arriving freight collect returns, the bamefa GmbH refuse to accept. The bamefa GmbH is entitled to part performance / part shipments. For a delay to delivery times, the buyer can ask the bamefa GmbH in writing within a reasonable time limit which is at least six weeks to deliver. After this period, the buyer can withdraw from the contract. Further claims are excluded. Force majeure, riots, strikes, lockouts and culpable interruption extend the respective deadlines for the duration of service disruptions caused by these factors plus a further six weeks. The bamefa GmbH supplies in accordance with current technical standards. Insignificant changes of the delivered goods from the agreed, differences are due to design changes and / or improvements remain bamefa GmbH Reserved.
  7. Retention of title
    The purchase remains subject to the balance of the seller under the sales contract receivables due to the property of bamefa GmbH.
  8. Warranty
    Of deficiencies and defects of the goods that were already present at the handover, the buyer has the right to repair. Out at least two attempts cannot be full functionality of the item purchased, the buyer make the change / reduction in price. Further claims are excluded. The buyer must bamefa GmbH without delay any defects, but in writing no later than 3 working days after becoming aware of the defects. After this period the bamefa GmbH is free of the warranty. For unjustified complaints or those based on operator error or improper handling of the buyer, the seller reserves the right to charge an examination fee. By the replacement of parts, components or whole appliances no new warranty periods may apply. Parts are excluded from the warranty. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, improper or incorrect use and storage. When foreign intervention or the opening of the devices not expressly authorized persons will void the warranty. The warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of damaged items delivered. For goods that has not produced the bamefa GmbH, the warranty is limited to the transfer of the warranty claims against the manufacturer. Replaced parts shall become the property of bamefa GmbH.
  9. Liability
    The bamefa GmbH makes no express warranty of the manufacturers and suppliers. In that regard, are excluded claims of the buyer. The liability exemption does not apply if the damage caused by intent or gross negligence. If our liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of our employees, representatives and agents.
  10. Performance and jurisdiction
    Performance and jurisdiction is the seat of bamefa GmbH, or the by the location of certain court bamefa GmbH. Jurisdiction for the legal default is by the location of certain court bamefa GmbH. We are also entitled to sue the buyer. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  11. Severability
    If any of the above provisions is or becomes invalid or otherwise prove a gap, in total, the sale to remain effective. In place of the ineffective regulation or the gap is to enter a valid ruling, agreed by the parties having regard to the inefficiency or the gap. If there is no common agreement, the valid legal regulations come into force. All other provisions remain unaffected.
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